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The Missing Rib

Summary : It was stated that god made woman from Man's rib and hence every man will spend his life searching for his missing rib. For this particular couple, this issue became a problem as they were not sure if they are really meant for each other. Read on to find out how the story ends as the issue of missing rib becomes a non-issue after some time.


Magic Moment

Summary : Sometimes in life, we encounter period of magic monment which we will continue to remember for the rest of our lives. This guy did and this brief encounter left him with a deep impression.


Mum's Eyes

Summary : Many people believed that a mother's love is is greatest love of them all and few will beg to differ. Find out why in this story.



Summary : Another story on why we should always treasure and love our mothers as she will always be there for us no matter what we become.


Your Baby Girl

Summary : A painful and sad letter from a baby girl to her mother who took the cruel decision to abort her in an unwanted pregnancy.


Summary : This story is about how one good deed deserves another in return.


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