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Magic Moment Part 1

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It was 10.15 a.m. as I read the time from my sports wristwatch and realized that I only have another two minutes to make it for the bus ride. I would have made it on time if it hadn’t been for my massive breakfast. I noticed the bus stop was completely empty and there was not a single soul. I was amazed as downtown Manhattan is usually crowded with New Yorkers rushing for work, shopping, dates, etc.

As I glanced at the rising sun, I noticed an elderly man in his seventies holding a cane with his right hand. He was with someone whom I couldn’t see clearly due to the person’s face being drowned by the shadows of the tall skyscrapers. The light separated them as the elderly man had sunlight on him. They approached the end of the sidewalk and proceeded to cross this extremely large road opposite me. I looked at the incoming traffic and waited for my chance to cross the road and hopefully lend a helping hand. I had just taken my first step when a pickup truck almost hit me as it roared by. Luckily, I managed to jump back in time.

When the sunlight finally stopped glaring at me, I saw a shadowy figure next to the elderly man appear from the corner of my eyes. The sight of her drove my senses into ecstasy and my mind couldn’t find the right expression to describe her beauty. Her young beauty was so intense that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. While I was mesmerized by her, they had already crossed the street and were standing four feet behind me.

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“This is the first time you will have to make the trip by yourself, my love.”
“Be careful and use your cane.” says the elderly man.
She was walking fine I thought to myself.
“I’ll meet you in Central Park after your appointment, sweetheart.”

The elderly man brushes her hair back and kisses her on her forehead. While I was looking at them, she took a quick glance up at me while the elderly man had his back facing me. I lifted my wrist to my chest to pretend to look at the time. The elderly man finally said goodbye and went the opposite direction to where he came from. As soon as he could no longer to be seen, she tapped on my shoulders gently. I felt a sense of relieve as the tension in me eases and every tap feels like a massage. I snapped out of my daze at her third tap.

She hands me a note and it reads, “Can you help me get onto the bus and tell me which stop is Union Square?”
“Yes” I mumbled in a barely audible voice and nodded my head.
Then she hands me another note that says, “Sorry but I am going blind and I can’t speak so I really appreciate this kindness.”

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I think she must have written these notes before she came to the bus stop. I felt so sorry for her and it wasn’t because she’s blind but because of what she is going to miss out on. She will definitely miss out on seeing her own appearance in the mirror. These include her hair which is the very essence of her beauty which ran down from the left and right of her cheeks down to her chin in layers, her ruby red lips, her flawless nose and her beautiful eyes. Her eyes are the most beautiful part of her face as they glimmer with pure innocence.

She held a notepad and started writing. I was hoping she will write a note telling me she is attracted to me. She ripped the freshly written note and handed it over to me.
It reads, “What time is it?”


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More on Magic Moment Part 1 | 2