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Boy Love Story
For Love Part 1

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This is a true example for those who can feel love, those persons who want to do anything for their love but it’s not that easy. In this story, we’ll about to know that how a simple person can do such thing which we can only imagine.

“Vikram” nickname “Vik” has money, looks and power. In simple words “Vik” is a big flirt. He has one agenda in life that girls are useful things for one night and the next day we have to catch another one. With this agenda he was moving his life with enjoyment and everything.

Mona : Hey baby whats up, where are you?
Vikram: What the shit, why can’t you stop calling me?
Mona: Hey you told me you love me.
Vik: Ya, only for the night, now keep down the phone and don’t call me bitch”...

She cried and cut the phone. Few minutes later she called him again, Vik picked up the phone.

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Mohna: One day you will cry for your love too.
Vik : Love is nothing.
He laughed and cut the phone.
Rawat : Who is she? (Rawat is Vik’s best friend)
Vik: One night entertainer.
Rawat: You bastard. I have seen someone extra in your sociel circle recently.
Vik: Are you are talking about the new hot chick, Rawat?
Rawat (smiled): Your sisinlaw.
Vik: Why not for a day.
And they started laughing. Very next day Vik came to Rawat and saw a beautiful
girl in a café,

Vik: Beauty.
Rawat: What the hell. Why she’s so beautiful?
Vik: I want her only for a day dude
Vik : She will be mine.
Rawat (nastily): Bla Bla Bla
They both went to the café;
Vik directly started walking towards her table,
Rawat :“Dude what the F___”
Vik: Shhhhh...
Vik : What would you like to have madame?
Girl(looked at him & smiled) : I have ordered.
Vik: I'm sorry madame,
Girl: No no its ok.

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Then Rawat went to him and Vik was going to the counter,
Rawat : Dude are you mad ,
Vik : Yes only for her.
Vik asked the counter boy: Can you tell me what she ordered?
Counter boy: Sir, cold coffee.
Rawat: That’s it
Vik: How much time it will take.
Counter boy : 2 mins, sir.
They stood there until the coffee came and Vik took the order from the boy and paid the bill and went to her table.
Vik : Madame, here’s your coffee.
She smiled and said “Thanks”
Vik came back and wrote his number on a tissue paper and told the Counter boy: If she comes for the bill just give her this tissue. Thanks.
Following that, he gave him 50rs.


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More on For Love Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4