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The Love Game Part 1

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Peter and Tina are sitting in the park doing nothing but simply gazing into the sky. Their friends are having out having fun with their beloved other halves.

Tina: I'm so bored. I wish I have a boyfriend to spend time with.
Peter: I guess we're the only leftovers. We're the only ones who are without a date.
(Both sigh and there was silence for a while)
Tina: I think I have a good idea. Let’s play a game!
Peter: Eh? What game?
Tina: Erm... It's quite simple. You have to be my boyfriend for 100 days and I'll be your girlfriend for 100 days. What do you think?
Peter: Okay... Anyway I don't have any plans for the next few months.
Tina: You sound like you aren't looking forward to it. Cheer up! Today will be the first day of our relationship and our first date. Where should we go?
Peter: How about a movie? I heard that there is a really great movie in the theatres now.
Tina: I don't think I have any better ideas. Let’s make a move!
(They went to catch a movie and Peter sent Tina home)

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- Day 2 -
Peter and Tina went to a concert together. Peter bought Tina a keychain with a star.

- Day 3 -
They went shopping together for a friend's birthday present. They shared an ice-cream together and hugged each other for the first time.

- Day 7 -
Peter drove Tina up a mountain and they watched the sunset together. When night came and the moon glowed, they sat together on the grass and gazed at the stars. A meteor passed by. Tina mumbled something.

- Day 25 -
The couple spent time at a theme park together. They got onto a rollercoaster, ate hotdogs and cotton candy. Peter and Tina got into the haunted house and Tina grabbed someone's hand instead of Peter's hand by accident. They laughed about it together for a while.

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- Day 67 -
They drove past a circus and decided to get in to watch the show. The midget asked Tina to play a part as his assistant in the magic show. They went around the circus to see other entertainments after the show.
They stopped at the fortune teller and she just said, "Treasure every moment from now on."
A tear rolled down the fortune teller's cheek.

- Day 84 -
Tina suggested that they go to the beach. The beach wasn't so crowded that day. They shared their first kiss with each other just as the sun was setting.


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