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Clean Blood

Summary : Will you sacrifice the lives of your loved ones for the benefit of everyone? This self sacrificial love story passes us a message on how hypocritical man is when it comes to love.


Father's Eyes

Summary : Touching story about the unique bond a boy had with his father.


The Healing Poison

Summary : Ever heard of the poison which heals sickness? This poison in the story did and helped improve the relationship between a woman and her mother in law.


Path Of The Winged Heart

Summary : Philosophical story on love and how it travels on the path of a winged heart.

The Flowers

Summary : Bobby was a poor little boy who found a dime on the ground and wanted to get flowers for his mother for christmas. He was so poor that he did not know how much flowers cost and tried his luck at a florist. Unknown to him, he was about to get lucky as love became the payment for the flowers. Read on to find out how in this heart warming christmas love story.


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