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Circle Of Love Part 1

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Today was my first day at school in Burbank, Illinois. I miss my friends back in Carolina, but the people at this school seem nice. But then again a lot of people seem nice before you meet them. I met this boy today, his name is Jake. He’s really cute and kind. He walked me to all my classes even the ones on the opposite end of the school from where he was supposed to be.

He missed like a week of school after that.

When he got back he walked me to my classes again. I told him how much I really appreciated it. He was the only one who even tried to befriend me. After a week of walking me to my classes, Jake finally asked me out. This hadn’t had a chance to get around school yet, but I am a Christian and only hang around saved people. It helps to know that the people you get attached to will spend eternity with you in heaven. So I asked him if he was saved and luckily he said yes.
At lunch we were at the table I asked him: “How long have you been a Christian?”
“A few years…” he replied slowly. He changed the subject after that.

The date was amazing and everything went right.

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He continued to walk me to my classes every day for months. We went out together more than twice every week. We would hold hands but nothing more. He knew that, for me, even kissing a guy was a big step and I wanted to be really serious with a guy before that.

It had been two years when he came up to me with his hands behind his back.
“Hey! Guess what I made the tennis team.” I told him.
“That’s great!” he gave me a huge hug.
“Let’s go celebrate!” he pulled out two tickets from behind his back.
“For real? Oh my goodness! The basement! Are you serious?!” the basement is the really big Christian group who tour and perform at different places. They preach, dance, all kind of cool stuff. Jake has known how much I loved them and wanted to go since we first met.

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After the concert Jake grabbed my hand and led me somewhere I’d never seen before.
“What are we doing here?” I asked he had a weird look on his face and I started to get worried.
“I love you, Grace.”
“I—I…love you too, but wh— “
“You mean it?” there was a long pause while I tried to figure out what he was asking. What was going on with him?
“Of course I mean it.” I replied.
“Then kiss me” I was hoping he would say that but I was still really confused. I kissed him anyways, my first kiss ever.
“I love you, Grace.” He said again
“You said that already.”
“I know, because I really… I love you, Grace.” He whispered slowly as if he didn’t know what else to say.
“Is there anything you want to tell me?” anything at all to give me some clue of what is happening. My head was still spinning from that kiss.
He just shook his head, I didn’t understand all I know is that at that moment right there, in the middle of a foreign field in No where’s-Ville, I realized how much Jake truly loved me…Or so I thought.

Three weeks later Jake and I were closer than ever and probably the most in-love teenagers you would ever meet. I went to meet him in his last period class. He was chatting with some friends so I decided to stand outside the door and wait for him.


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