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A Racer's Anniversary Part 2

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Mark: Hey babe, what are you doing?
Angelica: Reading your old love letters from high school.
Mark: (Giggle with embarrassment) I remember those... Those were so silly.
Angelica: By the way... Where did you put the love letters that I gave you?
Mark: Uhhh???... In the car...
Angelica: Oh.. "I stood there in disbelief"
Mark: Well anyway... Guess what day it is today babe?
Angelica: (Smiles with joy) What day is it today?...
In my mind - "He finally remembered what day it is!"
Mark: Today is the day my new tires come in that I ordered online (Smiles)
Angelica: Oh yeah I remember.... (Frowns)...
In my mind - "He still doesn't know"
Mark: It's gonna come this afternoon. I'll go wait for it outside. (Runs outside)

I tried to open the last letter but it was too wet with tears. I ran to the room and cried for four hours this time. He still didn't notice. He has never gotten me anything for any of our anniversaries. I've waited 6 months and still nothing.

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- Another Month Gone By
It's November 1st, and it's our 7th annversary. I waited for him inside.
"If he doesn't remember this time, then it's over". He walks in...

Mark: Hey babe, what are you doing?
Angelica: Nothing, just waiting for you.
Mark: Why?
Angelica: Do you know what today it is?
Mark: Well it's saturday...
Angelica: How Could You Keep Forgetting!?!?!
Mark: Forget about what?
Angelica: Our Anniversary!!!
Mark: Oh I forgot... I must have been busy working on the...
Angelica: Get Out!
Mark: Babe why?
Angelica: Now!
Mark: but babe I...
Angelica: Go Now!
Mark- Walks outside

I slamed the door on his back and I fell on my knees crying for about 5 hours. I heard the car engine roared into life and blasted out of the driveway. The last thing I heard was his tires skidding on the garage ground. I was so heartbroken that I passed out and fell asleep.

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- Three days later (November 4th)
I didn't hear from him since that day. He would usually come back to apologize. I called his family but they said he never went homel. He has nowhere to stay so I called his cellphone. However, It is not in service... I was so worried that I ran up to my room and started crying again. I cried for six hours before I fell asleep on the floor.

I have a nightmare while i was sleeping...

In my dream, we're in his car and we're speeding on a two lane road. I'm in the passenger seat screaming. He was driving and crying at the same time. I tried my best to tell him to slow down but he just won't listen to me. I see a turn coming up. It's a very tight corner and it’s on the edge of a hill. We lost control and spinned out of the road and down the hill. The last thing I saw was a sign that said "SLOW DOWN - 10FT DROP"

I woke up before we crashed and I’m sweating profusely... I was in a daze for about 10 minutes.
I asked myself, "Why didn't i wake up earlier?".
I'd usually wake up before I get scared in my dreams. My friend walks into my room and I quickly got up pretending as if nothing had happened.


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