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Memories Part 1

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I'm a 18 year old gal and the story which I m going to write is a true love story. I had lost all hopes in my life when my exam results came in bad. My father always scold my mum and did not love us. I was always living in tension and I had nobody by my side for support. It was the 12th of august, when I first saw a guy who cared a lot for me.

I had started going to the gym to divert my mind from the chaos of my life. At the gym, I would try to talk and smile with others but not tried talking to him. However, he would notice me whenever he sees me coming or leaving the place. Once, i was thirsty and the aquaguard was damaged. I asked the gym instructor on where to get water and he told me to get it from downstairs. I went there and to my surprise, he was standing there with a glass of water. He gave it to me and asked if I needed more. I just nodded my head. He ran off to get another for me. On that day I drank 7 glasses of water in all. He kept staring me while I was drinking. I asked him for his name and he said Raj. I left after the chat.

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The following day, he tried to talk to me but I didn't. On christmas eve, a party was organised in the gym so we all sang and danced but he didn't. I went to him and asked him to dance but he refused. I was taken back. I consoled myself that he wasn't interested. During dinner time, someone poured juice on me on accident and hence, I went to the washroom. On the way there, he stopped me and told that he wanted to talk. I stood and looked in his eyes. He asked for us to be together? I was motionless. I wanted to say yes but didn't. I left him and rushed home. Next day, when I went to gym he was exercising. He looked very smart and I cannot help but kept stealing looks at him. He came and asked if we can be friends. I said yes. He was so happy that he shouted and I felt equally happy.

That day passed by and we start to know each other better. He was always there with his broad shoulders when I needed him. He was 22 years old, almost 4 years my senior and much more mature. He wanted to go beyond friendship and we like each other a lot. He tried to mend my broken family.

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One day I fainted in the gym and was rushed to the hospital. He was there when the doctor told him that they needed blood immediately. They asked him for blood but he refused and left shortly. When I got back, I asked him why he refused. He shouted and told me its my life they are handling. I stopped myself from going to him but in my heart I missed him. I left the gym but whenever I went out I searched for his car to try to catch one glimpse of him but all in vain.


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More on Memories Part 1 | 2