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New Love Story
Soul Mates Part 1

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This is a story of how I met and connected with my soul mate.

On the first day we met, I joined in a conversation when I heard her talking. I was immediately attracted to her. I sought out to have more conversations with her. We took a break by the back of the building and talked much more in private. I knew she was someone I was going to be connected to right away! I ended up asking her to stay back after work to spend more time chatting with me. She shocked me by staying behind as she worked double shifts that day! We connected right away again that very night as well. We spent the night laughing away and sharing thoughts and feelings. We exchanged email addresses and I wrote to her for the first time that night after work as I so wanted to talk to her again.

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In that email, we joked about getting a one bedroom apartment together. Nobody would have thought that we would literally go there one day. I ended up only working there for two weeks! It was more than enough as we remain connected for the rest of our lives. I got fired shortly afterwards and we never worked together again after that night. However, we had already connected and a beautiful relationship was already in motion.

Shortly after that night, we had our first date. What a night! I think I could write a book on it if I had the time! We emailed and chatted online for about a week. I learned that she liked Arabic stuff, so I looked online for an Arabic restaurant to take her to. I wanted to be sure that she knew that I listened to her and that I cared about what she said. I also had to deal with the fact that I needed to tell her I was still married, but separated in mind and spirit. I practiced all day long with my mother and best friend, Marie on how to tell her this. I was sick in my stomach at the thought of losing her if I didn't approach it the right way. I knew what was in my heart and I needed to be sure to convey it correctly to her. The Arabic place turned out nicely and she was surprised when the belly dancer came out and started dancing. Later on, she conveyed to me that belly dancing was also something she was very much into. I think she knew right there and then that I was serious about us and this was not a fly by night relationship.

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After the meal, I arranged for us to go to the landing in downtown Jacksonville that night. I wanted to be close to the water as I knew we were both stronger emotionally next to it. We walked around a bit and enjoyed the Christmas decorations in the surroundings. She behaved like a kid in a candy store upon seeing the huge lighted Christmas tree with all the lights and ornaments. I walked with her at the same time thinking about what needed to be discussed. I looked around for a warm quiet place.


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