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There Is Always A Silver Lining


You know when a tragedy strikes people always try and comfort you by telling you there is always a silver lining, that something good always comes out of it, and that everything will be okay. We never feel this way until after the fact. Well for me, the silver lining has been revealed.

I was twenty-one (now only twenty-two)year old party girl going nowhere in life. Drinking liters of vodka in just a few days time every night. I lived for the next drink, party, and bar. May 18, 2009 tragedy struck. I was driving and on my way to work and ended up rear ending a utility van that was stopped and turning left off of the highway. I was traveling at about sixty miles per hour, did not even try to stop, and with no seat belt on. (I do not remember the accident at all, these were all events I was told about later.)

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I was rushed to the hospital. I had broken my left ankle in 3 places, severed the tendons under both knee caps, broken my right hip socket completely off, cracked 8 ribs, and had a major cut on my forehead. I was in ICU for four days and in a regular room for five more days. I was told I would be in a wheelchair for three
months and even after that would be walking with a walker. It would take me a year to recover. During this time is when my life seemed it was going to change for the worst.

What I didn't realize was that my life was in fact about to change but for the better. I am a gamer and have been a part of a gaming website for a little over a year. A friend of mine from there contacted me to check up on me. He was very concerned and that made me very happy. He sent me a care package of gaming items when I got home from the hospital. He held game nights of my favorite games. We then started talking more and more. I mean we had known of one another for a long time but never did we think we would become a couple. Yet, we did. We talked on the phone for eight to twelve hours a day for three months. Once I was out of my wheelchair I flew to see him. He has been my saving grace. I am no longer on the path to destruction and alcoholism. I am the happiest I have ever been even after my tragic accident. He has been here for me through everything. My pain, stress, and triumph over injuries.

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You never know what a horrible incident can bring you. Just know that no matter how bad a situation may seem there is a reason it happened, and you should always keep your head held high.

By Nicole


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