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Our Love Story
His And Her Sides


His Side

- "Tell her how you feel" is what my friends said
- So I picked up the phone
- Called your house
- You answered
- I said "I Love You."
- And hung up right after
- The next day
- I told you it was a bet from a friend
- It was partly true
- But you didn't answer
- There was no sassy response like what you normally do
- I just stood there
- Then walked away

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My Side

- He called my house
- I picked up
- He told me he loved me
- Then hung up
- The next day
- I was going to tell you I loved you back
- But you said it was a bet
- I had everything planned out
- Every move I planned
- Every word
- But when you said that...
- I had nothing to say
- I stood and watched you
- As you broke my heart


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