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The Jerk

Summary : A true sad tale about how a girl got cheated by her boyfriend and wants to pass her lessons to other girls.


Cherish Love

Summary : Touching romance story about how we fail to cherish the love around us through our constant demands.


My Happy Ending

Summary : Another true story about how a couple found love online and lives happily ever after.


Circle Of Love

Summary : This story is about how love goes around in a full circle as it always comes back to us when we least expect to.


Miracle Of Love

Summary : Cute romantic story about how love chance upon a guy on any normal day.



Summary : Story of how not loving the person we ought to love will lead to regrets.



Summary : A sad love story by a girl that ultimately becomes only a beautiful memory.


Ricardo And Erica

Summary : A modern Romeo and Juliet tale where a couple meets their tragic end due to a simple misunderstanding.


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