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Miracle Of Love Part 1

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“Wouldn't it be nice if we...”

The all time popular song from beach boys was playing while I got off the train on the same boring Monday.

Actually, this song could be my favourite one because I really like its melody. Unfortunately, its lyrics are kind of making me sick.

After I broke up with my girlfriend, I don't really feel like loving anyone again. Being an honest man doesn't always turn out well. The world is always grey and my life is always blue…

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I got out from the train station and crossed the road at the same crowded junction to get to my office which is located at the opposite side of the road. While I was busy crossing the road, I heard an incredibly sweet voice calling me from the back.
I wasn't sure that someone was really calling me at first. I did not turn my face back because I was in the middle of a dangerous street. However, I looked back in the direction of the original voice when I got to the opposite side.

I thought I saw an angel at that moment. The beautiful girl who called me was sitting in a car. The scene was like in a music video and my surroundings blurred as I only had eyes for her then. She was a very beautiful girl.

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We didn't have a chance to talk because the traffic light turned green and her car had to move. I didn't recognize the girl was but it seems that she knows me very well.

I decided to forget about it. There was no use thinking about it because I thought I will not see her again in my life time anyway.

My short romantic incident became a funny topic among my colleagues while we were waiting for the elevators to go down for lunch.

It was very crowded as usual.


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