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Always You Part 2

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Kristine nodded and left them.
“Kurt? I don’t want to be embarrassed.” Liana said.
“You won’t be.”
“How are you sure?”
“I’m really sure.” Kurt said.

Suddenly, Steve’s car came into Liana’s view. Someone came out of the car and it’s not Steve.
“I’m sorry everybody! Steve doesn’t love Liana anymore. He wants to call of the wedding!” Earl said.
Liana collapsed in Kurt’s arms.
“Liana? God, Liana, wake up!” Kurt said.
He slapped her face gently.
“Kristine! Others! Help me! Liana’s unconscious!”

At that moment, everybody ran towards Kurt and Kristine called for an ambulance.

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- At The Hospital -

Kurt was still in his tuxedo as he sat on the chair near Liana’s bed. His thumb caressed her hand.

“Liana, I know you can’t hear me because you’re still unconscious. I can’t believe Steve did that to you. He’s so stupid. I wish I was the one who asked you to marry me. But before that, I wish I told you that ever since I met you, there wasn’t a day I spent without thinking about you. To make things easier, I love you and I want you to marry me.” Kurt said.

Liana’s electrocardiograph monitor beeped abnormally for some moments.

Kurt, if only you could hear me. I wanted to tell you the same. I was so relieved that you broke up with Jessica. However, it was too late then as I was going to get married today. Luckily, Steve called it off. Kurt, I want us to be more than friends.

“Liana, if you wake up, I want to be your first vision.”

You are always my first vision, Kurt. Although I didn’t notice that you like me when we were young, I could feel your love deep inside me.

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“I want to be your only love.”

You are my one and only love, always and forever.

“But before all these things can happen, I want you to wake up.”

I want to, but I’m still weak.

“I’ll talk to you when you’re awake. I love you.” Kurt said.

I’ll talk to you when I’m awake. I love you.

They both said and thought of the same words.

Kurt caressed her hand and kissed Liana on the lips.

“I won’t be going anywhere.”

I know you won’t.


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