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Always You Part 3

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- After A Few Days -

Liana woke up after a few days in the hospital. Kurt stayed beside her every day. Kristine brought around his clothes and things that he needed.

“Liana, I want to give you a gift.”
Liana laughed.
“Why are you going to give me a gift? There’s no wedding.”
“I know. It’s something important.”
“How important is it?”
Very important, he thought.
“You’ll see.”
“And the gift’s in Europe.”
“What? Europe?”
“Yeah. We’ll be leaving in two weeks.”
“What? That early? I haven’t recovered yet.”

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“You’ll recover, Liana.”
“Kurt, you’re so impossible.” She said with a laugh.
“You think it’s impossible for you to recover?”
“No, what I meant about impossible is your gift.”
“What’s so impossible about it?”
“Everything. You booked two tickets without even asking me.”
“Why should I still ask? We travelled together before.”
Liana sighed.
“Point taken.”
“So, I’ll leave you to pack your clothes, okay?”
“Take care.”
Kurt kissed her lips and went out.

- In Europe -

“Liana? I want you to wear something.” Kurt said.
“What is it?”
“But, that’s my wedding gown… You brought it along?”
Liana was really disappointed. She looked at the worst dress of her life.
“Yeah, we’re going somewhere fancy. I want you to remember this day forever.”
“Stop this, Kurt. You’re not really funny.”
“So, you want something serious?”

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“Yes. I want everything to be serious.”
“Then marry me. That’s something serious.”
Liana stood silently. She suddenly laughed and ran towards Kurt. She kissed him.
“I thought you’d never ask.”

The following week, Kurt and Liana got married in Europe with no one else knowing about it.

By Therese


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