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She Was Not Beautiful

Summary : Everybody likes the best looking girl/guy out there. However, this story tells us that sometimes, we have to look withi a person to find out the truth about how beautiful a person really is.


Lost Love

Summary : Short romantic story about how a guy came into the life of a girl and made everything beautiful even after she lost him.


Tree, Leaf And Wind

Summary : In the mood for romance? Check out this beautiful poetic like story about how a love triangle develops and ends.


Always You

Summary : This story is about how most people often have to take the longer path that is less travelled when it comes to love to find true love. Well at least they found each other :)


Last Resort

Summary : What's the ultimate sacrifice in love? You are right if your guess involves sacrificing yourself to give true happiness for the other party. Find out about what a man did to give the true happiness for his beloved in this tragic tale.

Red Lipstick Kisses And A Black Eye

Summary : Cute romantic story about how a fight between a married couple turns into a passionate and memorable affair.


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