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Ghost Love

Summary : True life experience about how a woman receives a love message from her boyfriend even after he has passed on to the other side.


Text Pal

Summary : Sad love story about how a love that deevlops from a random text message fails to blossom when death comes calling.


In Stop Motion

Summary : Cute video clip about a little girl's vision of how her love life might develop in future. Video was made filing real life hand made puppets.


Say You Love Her

Summary : Is it difficult to say I love you to the person you like? For those who find it extremely tough to do so, this story might made you change your mind has it tells us how lost opportunities can result in eternal life of regret.



Summary : Best friends are like angels sent from heaven to give us a hand whenever we need it. Who are the angels in your life? Maybe this story will give you some food for thought about friends.

Invite Love Into Your Life

Summary : Philosophical story about how love helps us to become successful and wealthy in life.


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