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Never Mind, There's Tomorrow Part 1

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Once, there lived a child. He lived in a happy family with parents and siblings. However, he never stopped to think about how wonderful his life had been. He just kept on playing, squabbling with his siblings when they did not want to play what he wanted to play.
However, whenever he wanted to apologize, he would always say, "Never mind, there's tomorrow."

When he grew up a little, school was a very nice place for him. He learned, made friends and was very happy. However, he never thought that this was happiness to him. It all came so naturally that he felt it should become part of his life. One day, he had a great fight with his best friend. Though he knew he was in the wrong, he never took the initiative to apologize or made up with his best friend.
His excuse was, "Never mind, I'll do it tomorrow."

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When he grew even up some more, that best friend was no longer part of his life. Even though he still sees his friend around, they don't even bother greeting each other. However, that was all right because he still had other good friends. He and his friends did almost everything together including eating, playing, doing homework and fooling around. Yes, they were a bunch of very good friends.

When he graduated, work kept him very busy. He found himself a very pretty and virtuous girlfriend and she soon became his constant companion. He made himself busy with work because he wanted to get promoted to the highest position within the shortest time possible.

Sure, he missed his good friends. He missed them a lot but he never tried keeping in touch with them, not even a telephone call.
He always said, "Boy, I'm so tired, I'll catch up with them tomorrow."
It didn't affect him at all because he could find colleagues who are always willing to go pubbing with him. As time passes by, he slowly forgets about his friends.

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After he got married with kids, he works even harder in order to bring comfort to his family. He never buys flowers for his wife nor does he remember his wife's birthdays and their wedding anniversaries. It was all right because his wife always understood him and never blamed him.
He felt guilty at times and wanted very much to have a chance to say to his wife, "I love you", but he never got down to doing it.
His excuse was, "Never mind, I'll do it tomorrow for sure".
He never made it to his children's birthday parties but he did not know how it would affect the children. The children began to drift away from him as they never really spend any time with their father.


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