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Story Of True Love
Gift Of Love Part 1

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The passengers on the bus watched sympathetically as the attractive young woman with the white cane made her way carefully up the steps. She paid the driver and using her hands to feel the location of the seats, walked down the aisle and found the seat he'd told her was empty. She settled down, placed her briefcase on her lap and rested her cane against her leg.

It had been a year since Susan, thirty-four years old, became blind. Due to a medical misdiagnosis, she had been rendered sightless and she was suddenly thrown into a world of darkness, anger, frustration and self-pity. All she had to cling to was her husband, Mark.

Mark was an Air Force officer and he loved Susan with all his heart. When she first lost her sight, he watched her sink into despair and was determined to help his wife gain the strength and confidence she needed to become independent again.

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After some time, Susan finally felt ready to return to her job. However, how would she get there? She used to take the bus but was now too frightened to get around the city by herself. Mark volunteered to drive her to work each day even though they worked at opposite ends of the city. At first, this comforted Susan and fulfilled Mark's need to protect his sightless wife who was so insecure about performing the slightest task.

However, Mark soon realized the arrangement wasn't working. He admitted to himself that Susan will have to start taking the bus again. Nevertheless, she was still so fragile, so angry - how would she react? Just as he predicted, Susan was horrified at the idea of taking the bus again.

"I'm blind!" She responded bitterly.
"How am I supposed to know where I am going? I feel like you're abandoning me."

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Mark's heart broke to hear these words but he knew what had to be done. He promised Susan that each morning and evening he would ride the bus with her, for as long as it took, until she got the hang of it. That is exactly what happened. For two solid weeks, Mark, in his military uniform and all, accompanied Susan to and from work each day.


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