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A Great Life Part 2

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The boss said, "This is an expensive job. Women will really spend your money, won't they?"
Dad responded, "Well, I'll tell you. When they were right there with you before you had any money, it's a pleasure to do anything for them you possibly can after you have some money."

This wasn't the answer the carpet installer expected to hear. He was looking for negative banter about wives which, to him, was natural.
He tried again, "But, gee, they'll really play off that and spend all they can, won't they?"
Dad replied, as I knew he would, "Hey, when they're the reason you're successful, you want them to do the things they enjoy. There's no greater pleasure."
Strike two.
The crew boss tried one more time, "And they'll take that as far as they can, huh?"
Dad responded, "She's the best thing that ever happened to me. I'd do anything to make her happy."

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I was trying not to laugh.
I knew he wanted Dad to give in just a little bit and say, "Yeah, I guess that's true."
But it wouldn't happen… Not in a million years!

Finally, the installer gave up and went back to work, probably shaking his head in bewilderment. Witnessing my dad in that moment taught me more about loving and respecting your wife than anything he could ever have told me about the subject.

Mom and Dad are now retired and enjoying their life together, just hanging out, reading, and visiting their children and grandchildren. They recently celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary.

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They still hold hands, and they are more in love than ever.
Throughout the years, whenever Mom would remind me that I should be looking to get married, I'd say, "Ma, I have plenty of time."
She'd jokingly reply that I don't have "that" much time.
My Dad would then look at me in that wisdom-filled, city streets bred way of his and say, "Hey, you take all the time you need. If you marry someone just half the woman your mother is, you'll have a great life."

I should only be so lucky.


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