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English Assignment

Summary : A English assignment depicting the real reason behind why women and men never understand each other. Another battle of the sexes story.


The Nice Guys

Summary : Are you the nice guy that is always left waiting? Read on to find out what the girls have been missing out on and what the nice guys have been doing wrongly.


Sweet Talk

Summary : Sweet conversation between a young teenage couple.


For Love

Summary : For love, many people will do silly things. These silly things might lead to many regrets but it may be logical for those in love. Find out all about love, regrets and sily stuff people do in love in this story.


His And Her Shoes

Summary : Get into his and her shoes to find out what they are thinking when the opposite sex you are interested in talks to you.


Summary : Have you ever told a lie thinking it's actually a white lie and hence won't harm anybody? Well check this story out and think again.


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