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Loving An Imperfect Person Part 2

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She's totally angry, and wanted to hit him. But she held it down, wanting to let him finish. But her eyes already felt wet. He took a photo out from his chest. Probably from his undershirt pocket, that's the only place she didn't go through yesterday. How careless.
Him: "She's a nice girl."

Her tears fell.
Him: "She has a good personality too."

She's heartbroken because he puts a photo of some other girl close to his heart.
Him: "She says that she'll support me fully in my pursue for literature after we got married."

She's very jealous because she said the same thing in the past.
Him: "She loves me truly."

She wishes to sit up and scream at him "Don't I?"
Him: "So, I think she won't force me to do something that I don't want to do."

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She's thinking, but the rage won't subside.
Him: "Want to take a look at the photo I took for her?"
Her: "...!"

He brings the photo before her eyes. She's in a total rage, hits his hand away and leaves a burning slap on his face. He sighs. She cries. He puts the photo back to his pocket. She pulls her hand back under the blanket. He turns off the light, and sleeps. She turns on the light, and sits up. He's asleep. She lost sleep. She regrets treating him the way she treated him. She cried again, and thought about a lot of things. She wants to wake him up. She wants to have a intimate talk with him. She doesn't want to push him anymore. She stares at his chest. She wants to see how the girl looks. She slips the photo out. She wanted to cry and she wanted to laugh.

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It's a nicely taken photo. A photo he took for her. She bends down, and kissed him on his cheek. He smiled. He was just pretending to be asleep.

"You learn to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."


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