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Love Means

Summary : Love means a lot too everyone. However, to a single guy, it means his whole life and much more for the girl he loved.


A Racer's Anniversary

Summary : Do you like a bad boy racer? A girl did but was left waiting for a long time until it became too late.


Loving An Imperfect Person

Summary : Nobody is perfect. However, everybody wants to find someone who is perfect to him/her to be his/her special someone. Is this fair? Learn all about what's fair in love and relationship in this story.


Rich Dad Poor Son

Summary : Read about how a son teaches his dad on the important things in life.


The Nicest Things

Summary : What are the nicest things people have ever said to you? What if you find out about a lot of nice things people thought of you which you never knew? These questions were answered by a teacher who made a lasting impression on the lives on a class of students.

An Old Love Letter

Summary : Romantic love letter expressing great affection. To make it even better, the letter is a true letter written in 1863.


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